“Twin Peaks” Cast Reunites To Beg David Lynch To Come Back And #SaveTwinPeaks

Upon hearing the news that David Lynch had backed out of directing the Twin Peaks reboot headed for Showtime, the original cast has banded together to create a video asking him to come back, because Twin Peaks won’t be Twin Peaks without him.

Which is true! Twin Peaks without David Lynch is ridiculous. There is no reason for that to even be a thing.

However! The reason Lynch is backing out is because Showtime isn’t giving him the money he needs in order to get it done right. Which they should either do or not bother, because I think we all know what happens when David Lynch isn’t allowed to do things the way he wants. We end up with Cheerleader Nadine and pointless romances with Heather Graham and Billy Zane. Not that I, personally, would refuse a romance with Billy Zane as he is a perfect looking human and oh my god his eyes are beautiful, but we all know that none of that really worked. If Lynch had been left to his own devices and not forced to reveal who killed Laura Palmer, the show probably would have stayed on the air for years.

I want David Lynch to do the new Twin Peaks reboot also! But, I’d rather it not be done at all if it’s not going to be done right. So hopefully Showtime will see what’s up and give the man his moneys, and then we will all be happy.

OH! But also! Look at Log Lady! I love Log Lady and I am so happy to see her face! I wish she were in more things! Log Lady forever! And Bobby Briggs is still really motherfucking hot and a serious silver fox now.