Toni Morrison’s Breathtaking NY Times Profile Is A Must-Read


No, really the best, in every way: This in-depth New York Times profile of Toni Morrison is beautiful, and it’s hard to tell if it’s because of the subject, or the writing, or if they’re seamlessly entwined. “Journalists from Europe and elsewhere call these days, one after the other, and they try to be coy, but she can tell what they really want to know. ‘They are just calling to see when I’m going to die.’ She laughed and said: ‘So I’ll play it up a bit and say, ‘Oh, today my arms hurt, my chest is sore.’ Because, me? I’m not going anywhere soon.’” A real and true must-read. [New York Times] 


Six volunteer firefighters have been arrested in Texas and charged with sexual assaulting a fellow firefighter. The victim — a man — was assaulted with unspecified “instruments” by five of his colleagues while a sixth recorded the ordeal. Five of the six have been released while the last is being held on a $75,000 bond. [NBC] 


In a stroke of extraordinary genius, an Oklahoma State student designed ice cream packaging aimed at women who are PMS-ing. Unfortunately, such a product does not yet exist on the market, but this will surely be remedied soon. The flavor names were “I Think I’m Dying,” “I Need Some More,” and “Don’t Come Near Me,” the last of which the Frisky staff has agreed is not so hot, because we’re all super-tired of women on our periods being posed as hysterical ninnies. I would eat a pint of “I Think I’m Dying” or, just as a few suggestions, “Why Does It Smell Like Rank Biscuits?,” “Ew, That’s A Really Big Glob of Blood,” or “Damn It, Now I Have To Buy New Undies.” You can have those for free, ice cream marketers. [Refinery29]

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