Professional Troll Katie Hopkins Is Getting Her Own Talk Show Because Of Course

Katie Hopkins, the woman who gets her jollies through acts of public ridicule like fat-shaming Kelly Clarkson, dissing Angelina Jolie for attempting to avoid cancer, and most recently referring to dementia patients as “bed blockers,” is reportedly developing a TLC talk show. I guess on some level we all knew this would happen, but for a moment I thought that even the most money-grubbing and cynical among us had made the collective unspoken decision to pass up whatever fortunes/ratings that could be gained by giving Katie Hopkins a TV show, and leave her alone to curl up into a ball until any shred of cultural relevance she has left dissipates. Alas, this is 2015, and publicly trashing people you don’t know puts you on the fast track to fame and fortune. (If you’re unemployed and worried you have no skills, there’s always a market for being a shithead, and don’t you forget it.)

I know I shouldn’t be surprised (I mean, TLC, really?). It’s just one more lesson in the fact that being a jerk can do just as well for you in life as being a decent human being, but I will still (somewhat naively) cling to my firm believe that this is only true in the short-term, and that being a generally shitty person brings negative ramifications with it throughout a lifetime. Jerks can certainly get rich and famous, but seriously, if you’ve developed a compulsive need to spew venom at people 24/7 as your persona, how happy can you really be? This woman has to wake up every morning and consider what contrarian “opinions” she can fabricate and then dutifully and spastically plug them into Twitter, fingers twitching, before any of the other trolls steal her ideas. Then she has to sit there in front of her laptop in the dark like a mole person giddily awaiting a stream of pushback from thousands of people who hate her. Her job is to interact with people who hate her! Doesn’t that sound exhausting? No thank you. [Guardian UK] [Image via Getty]