Elizabeth Warren: The Government Shouldn’t Profit Off Of Kids Trying To Get An Education

You know who is the greatest ever? Elizabeth Warren. I sometimes feel like I just want a tape of Elizabeth Warren talking and making all the sense, so that I can listen to it when I am having anxiety problems. It is honestly just very, very soothing.

Here she is on Conan, talking about how her mother was able to make ends meet after her father’s heart attack by taking a minimum wage job at Sears–which back then, allowed her to keep a family of three afloat. Warren also discusses the fact that it is ridiculous for the United States government to be making a profit off of student loans–because as of right now, the government is set to make a $66 billion dollar profit from the interest rates on student loans.

Unfortunately, the government has already spent all of that money. So Warren suggests reducing student loan interest rates and taxing millionaires and billionaires at the same rate as middle class families to make up for it.

Sadly, that will never actually happen in this country, because millionaires and billionaires have a whole lot more of a say in the way our country runs than students do, and they’re probably not going to give up their tax loopholes just so Joe Schmoe can get an education. They’re just not. It probably wouldn’t get that much support from people either, even those who would benefit most, because everyone in America thinks they’re one lottery ticket away from being a millionaire anyway.

But really. I would love to live in Elizabeth Warren’s America.