Dove Has Released Another Attempt At Making You Cry

Dove has unleashed yet another “you’re beautiful just as you are but only if you buy our appearance-enhancing products” ad, complete with its usual underscore of instrumental tunes as women get glossy-eyed over the realization that they are not fugly bridge trolls, which in Dove’s world is apparently all that matters in terms of self-worth when you’re a woman. Apparently a fate worse than death is to be categorized as “average” at anything, because we’re all such special approval-seeking snowflakes, right? I know that’s not the point Dove aimed for, and yes, I know beauty is subjective and we can all decide to embrace our own loveliness and that’s wonderful, but it’s hard not to see the glaring narrowness of this ad. I’ve said all I can say in one lifetime about why this campaign bugs me, but as far as hypocrisy goes, this one wasn’t too bad. It’s actually kind of…sweet. [Refinery29]