Adam Levine’s Cringey Ambush By A Fan Is Impossible To Stop Watching

Adam Levine, the most irksome man in music, was attacked onstage by a fan during a concert in Anaheim Monday night, and I’m forever confused by the footage. Like, how did that girl get there? One moment he’s just onstage chilling by himself, and the next she just APPEARS out of thin air and dashes toward him, proving herself to very adept at running in heels. I have to give Adam credit, because he reacted way better than I would have to a stranger essentially trying to grope me in front of thousands of people. While mouthing to her to calm down, he even posed with her and made a nice Kodak moment out of it before security came to take her away, never to be seen again (I’m going to have to assume there is a secret place where celebrities’ cronies “disappear” troublemaking fans to, sort of like “the hole” in “Scandal”).

If I’m being honest, I found the way he handled it kind of hot — that is the exact calm sexy demeanor I would like to be greeted with if I, like the fan, were publicly coming unhinged in the heat of a rash decision. Firmness and sexiness under pressure, the one and only trait of his I am now attracted to. You win Adam, okay? I’m admitting you’re occasionally hot. I’m still very suspicious though, because someone on the Maroon 5 security had to have allowed that girl to get up there, she was just too swift for it to be a coincidence. I’m going to have to keep watching the footage on loop until I find CLUES. Conspiracy theories welcome. [Just Jared]

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