Starbucks Will Now Pay For Employees’ Entire Four-Year College Educations

Starbucks announced yesterday that all full- and part-time employees of the company are eligible to receive fully-paid tuition for Arizona State University’s online bachelor’s degree program. A little under a year ago, Starbucks began offering to pay for two years’ tuition toward an ASU degree, but only for college juniors and seniors. About 2,000 employees enrolled. This week’s expansion makes the program available to over 144,000 employees and will cover an entire four-year education. Employees must be accepted at the school just like any other student before Starbucks steps in to pay the hefty bills, and once they’re in, they’ll save about $60,000 on their education. The company will spend about $250 million on the program and is expecting 25,000 employees to enroll within the next ten years. In a statement, company CEO Howard Schulz said in a statement:

“The unfortunate reality is that too many Americans can no longer afford a college degree, particularly disadvantaged young people, and others are saddled with burdensome education debt. By giving our partners access to four years of full tuition coverage, we will provide them a critical tool for lifelong opportunity. We’re stronger as a nation when everyone is afforded a pathway to success.”

 Starbucks has presented us with some major side-eye moments over the years, but when it comes to this move, I have to say bravo.



[Image via Shutterstock]