Rand Paul RTs Picture Of Aurora Shooter With Photoshopped “I Stand With Rand” Sign

Well, I can’t think of a better way to announce that Rand Paul is running for president than this photoshopped picture that he accidentally retweeted of Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes holding an “I Stand With Rand” sign.

Apparently, in advance of his announcement that he intends to run for president and “take our country back,” whoever is in charge of Paul’s social media was just RTing every “I Stand With Rand” picture he could find. Whoops! Apparently someone hepped them though, because it was deleted about 20 minutes later.


To be fair, I probably wouldn’t have recognized Holmes without the crazy orange hair either, and am far more appalled by Rand Paul’s positions, coded racism and posturing as a “libertarian” when he is decidedly conservative on social issues, than I am by a simple mistake that could probably happen to anyone. Still kinda funny though.

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