Math Has Proven What I’ve Been Saying For Years: Chipotle Is A Great First Date Spot

Extra tomatillo sauce for everybody, we’re celebrating, because math has proven that Chipotle is indeed a first great spot.

According to the one dating app I haven’t tried but you better believe I’m changing that right now, Clover, chain restaurants are totally acceptable locations for a first date. While Starbucks took the top spot, Chipotle — mecca of all that is right and holy in non-Southern Californian burritos — came in a close second as a chain restaurant that’s good for first dates. Which makes sense, given that A) Chipotle is not cheap, and B) their plastic cup margaritas are strong as fuck, which anyone who works with me can immediately tell when I stumble back from my “quick lunch run.”

Obviously, the best place to eat Chipotle is while stoned in my bed, and what do you know, that’s also a great spot for a first date too. Imagine that. [The Cut]