Male Troops In Special Operations Doubt Women Can Do The Job

Although women are allowed to serve in the military in most departments across the board, including combat jobs (the ban was lifted in 2012), there are still areas in which they are seen as inadequate: “Special Operations Command” jobs like the Navy SEALS and Army Delta Units. The Pentagon is making an effort to open all military combat jobs to women, but surveys are showing that most men already in the special forces jobs (comprised of 68,000 people), believe that women should be left out. The worries stem from blatant sexism — “cannot meet the demands physically and mentally” and fear that the integration will lower the standards of the operations, to a typical paternalistic concern that women will be treated too harshly when they get there (sexual harassment, etc).
I have an idea, let women in, and then see what happens. By law, as of January 2016, the military must make all combat jobs open to women anyway. I vote for female Navy SEALS ASAP, and being a woman first hand, I can tell you we are just as tough if not tougher than men. [Yahoo]