“It’s A Man’s World!” Yells Sexist Preacher, Terrified Of His Own Increasing Irrelevency

Oh, this is just precious. Check out this ridiculous preacher, Pastor Bill Lytell, screaming about how the only real leadership is male leadership, because Adam or something.

“Don’t you be ashamed you go to a church with male leadership. Every church that’s right with God oughta have a sign: ‘Male Leadership.’ Because that’s the only kind of leadership, both from Adam all the way to the last part of the Bible. It’s all been male. This is a man’s world!”

Oh, honestly. It’s a little cute, isn’t it? The last sad, gasping breaths of a man trying to hold on to the one thing he has in this world–the fact that he thinks a deity appointed him a leader by giving him a penis! That, and the fact that he looks like he could be R. Lee Ermey’s dorky younger brother.

You do you, bro. But man, is your congregation ever going to be bummed when they go out into the real world and have to deal with bad ass female leadership.

[Friendly Atheist Via Christian Nightmares]