Why Did Jeb Bush Identify As “Hispanic” On 2009 Voter Registration Form?

According to a report from the New York Times, Jeb Bush maybe thought he was Hispanic for a minute in 2009. The Times obtained his voter registration forms from the Miami-Dade County Elections Department, which show he has clearly marked “Hispanic” under the category of race/ethnicity.

However, although Jeb Bush does speak fluent Spanish, and his wife, Columba, was born in Mexico, he is definitely, by all accounts a white person. Probably as white as it is humanly possible to be, really.

The Times spoke to one of Bush’s spokespeople, who says she has no explanation for this. So what could it possibly be? I have some theories!

1) Bush really wanted to push the whole “Hey! Some Latinos don’t hate my guts!” schtick, and thought that an additional Hispanic person voting for him might help that cause.

2) Bush is a secret Tumblr troll who pretends to identify as “transracial” and it just carried over into his regular life.

3) Bush has multiple personalities, alà Sybil, and one of them is Mexican.

4) He was drunk.

5) He’s Jordan Catalano and no one ever figured out he can’t read because they were so busy staring at the dreamy way he leans.

6) Barbara Bush had a secret sex affair with Ricardo Montalbán.

7) George Bush Sr. actually is Ricardo Montalbán, who is able to take on many disguises and identities, because Fantasy Island is a real place and he literally is Mr. Roarke.

8) Jeb Bush made a weird mistake.

Who knows! I certainly don’t. Probably Jeb Bush doesn’t either. I don’t technically know that this is a big deal as much as it is simply funny, but apparently signing a voter registration form is taking an oath, so that could be troublesome somehow. But personally, I feel like this is probably the least awful thing a Bush has ever done.

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