Anne Hathaway Lip Syncing To Miley Cyrus Perfectly Illustrates Why People Hate/Love Her

There is a show on Spike called “Lip Sync Battle” wherein various celebrities lip sync to songs in front of a live audience. I presume there is voting. I presume a celebrity “wins.” L.L Cool J hosts the whole thing. I don’t know. It’s a mess. It’s an extended version of that Jimmy Fallon thing where he prats around looking pleased with himself while a celebrity gamely attempts to do the same.  But, when it works — it really, really works.

Here is Anne Hathaway emoting like she’s a rising junior in the musical theatre program at your local high school, giving it all she’s got for a spirited, over-acted performance of Miley’s “Wrecking Ball.”  I can’t stand The Hathaway, because she consistently acts like an IRL Rachel Berry, but I will say that is impressive only because I did not feel crushing waves of secondhand embarrassment while watching it. Watch her writhe, over-emote and make a successful running leap onto the aforementioned ball above. [Vanity Fair]