You’ve Got To Watch “SNL”‘s Hilariously Scathing Scientology Spoof

This fake commercial from last night’s “Saturday Night Live” may be about a religion called the “Church of Neurotology,” but all of the details so closely resemble actual facts from the HBO doc (and book of the same name) “Going Clear,” that you almost can’t even call it a spoof of Scientology. Made to look like one of the church’s low cost ads from the ’90s, the parody music video has been “updated” based on new information from the Church on some of the members featured. Like this lady:


Or this guy:


Yikes, then there’s this chick:


This dude’s been busy:


For further info on just how true to Scientology this “SNL” sketch actually is, check out Tony Ortega’s blog. [Mic]