Beyonce Drops New Song & Video, “Die With You,” On 7th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was Beyonce and Jay Z’s 7th wedding anniversary, and to mark the occasion, Bey released a new song dedicated to her husband called “Die With You,” along with a video for the tune shot by Jay Z, and all “exclusively” released on his new music streaming service Tidal. I say “exclusively” because it took all of 10 minutes before the video was all over YouTube. Anyway, the song is a sweet piano ballad and will serve to make you even more jealous of their seemingly flawless union. The video appears to be shot at what could be their home, or just an extremely minimally decorated loft space with perfect acoustics, and Bey is decked out in her Saturday morning errands look, backwards baseball cap, braids, no makeup and all. I love this version of Bey, she’s so low key. Maybe her next alter ego should be Low Keyonce. Get it? Heh.