Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Read Kim Gordon’s Memoir, Watch “Mad Men” & Give Your Crystals A Full Moon Bath


  • Right now I am reading Imperial Legend: The Mysterious Disappearance of Tsar Alexander I, which investigates the theory/legend that Tsar Alexander I faked his own death to become a monk named Feodor Kuzmich. I want to believe. — Robyn
  • Here’s a very, very good profile of Tatiana Maslany, in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine. Read it and prepare yourself for the incoming  onslaught of sestras. – Megan
  • I am currently reading Kim Gordon’s memoir, Girl In A Band, and it’s seriously the greatest thing. When I can’t read — i.e. when the subway is too crowded to hold a book, or when I’m weaving — I’ve been listening to the audiobook, which the former Sonic Youth singer reads aloud. I’ve come to really love listening to memoirs in particular, specifically if they’re read by the author — and both reading and listening to Gordon’s book has been especially interesting. Kim writes a lot about her longtime shyness — which she some what attributes to growing up in the shadow of her bipolar older brother — and her reading voice has a lovely quietness to it that really suits the book’s mood. Anyway, the book is amazing if you have any affection for Los Angeles (where she grew up) and New York (where she and Sonic Youth became stars), are fascinated by the art and music worlds, or have ever been through a really traumatizing breakup, as Gordon’s insights into her divorce from husband and band member Thurston Moore are relatable and raw. – Amelia


  • I’ve been on a Milk Carton Kids kick all week, and you should totally give them a listen this weekend if you’re looking for a chill acoustic afternoon. – Claire
  • Joni Mitchell’s brief health scare this week prompted Rebecca and I to discuss how much we loved Joni’s appearance on Janet Jackson’s “Got Till It’s Gone,” which then prompted me to put together this totally awesome Joni and Janet playlist, featuring Joni’s Blue and Hejira albums along with Janet’s Janet and Velvet Rope albums. Dig it. – Amelia


  • Ahem, “Mad Men” starts its final season on Sunday, so do like everyone else you know, and watch that. – Megan
  • I hate horror movies, and harbor an irrational fear that when I get out of the shower every morning and clean the steam off my bathroom mirror, there will be a face of either a person or some sort of monster/demon staring at me, just over my shoulder. Regardless of this fact, I might go see “It Follows”.  – Megan


  • I like to celebrate Easter at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, and if you’re looking for something to do this Sunday, consider visiting a park or botanic garden in your hometown. There’s no better way to celebrate a weekend that symbolizes new beginnings than to take a peek at the spring flowers that are finally starting to show themselves. – Claire
  • I just emailed this pork shoulder cutlets recipe to myself because I think I’ll make it for dinner at some point, very soon. – Megan
  • Even if you didn’t get a chance to witness the blood moon lunar eclipse early this morning, its hippie-dippie effects can still be felt for the next few days. So be a new agey weirdo like me and give your crystal collection a moon bath this weekend, cleansing them of all that bad old energy. – Amelia