Easter Special: ‘Rabbit Hoarder’ Seeks $2 Billion For Loss Of Rabbits

Brooklyn bunny hoarder Dorota Trec is trying to sue the ASPCA, NYPD and Brooklyn DA for ruining her life to the tune of $2 billion. Trec was arrested in March for hoarding up to 176 rabbits in a disgusting junkyard. Facing two animal cruelty charges, she could be spending up to a year in prison. Trec is also suing the animal-rights activist who ratted her out, accusing Big Apple Bunnies founder Natalie Reeves of “dreaming that she has control over the whole rabbit world in New York City,” the court papers state. You might say that Trec is, heh heh, hopping mad.

Word of advice to the rest of you: stick to hoarding chocolate tomorrow instead of rabbits, OK? [NY Post]