Those Body-Shaming Onesies Are Back — At NYU

A few weeks ago, I wrote about some really gross baby snapsuits that were targeted specifically at female babies and read “I hate my thighs.” Now, Twitter’s found them — but not on Wrybaby’s website. Nope, they’re at the NYU campus store:

The weird thing is, Wrybaby has removed the “I hate my thighs” snapsuit from their web site and replaced it with a new snapsuit that reads “<3 Love me for my leg rolls,” which is a huge improvement because seriously baby leg rolls are the friggin’ cutest:

wrybaby love me for my leg rolls

I take that to mean that Wrybaby heard the criticism about the “thighs” snapsuit, took it to heart, and designed something more positive, and gender-neutral – by switching from purple to red and having text (“OMGLEGROLLS!!!!”) that doesn’t encourage us to judge babies’ beauty or bodies or include feminine nouns (the text for the “thighs” snapsuit read “Girl, who doesn’t? Just be your beautiful self! You couldn’t be cuter.”), the Leg Rolls snapsuit is more about the precious and novel features of baby body-hood in general. So, like bravo, Wrybaby! Thank you for listening!

But WTF, NYU?! I don’t know when Wrybaby discontinued the “thighs” snapsuit, but apparently NYU bought an order before then and are being a little oblivious to the conversation surrounding both the snapsuit and the way our culture chooses to talk about women’s and girls’ bodies. It would be less disappointing if it were just a baby boutique somewhere and not a university.

I’m sure the buyer at the campus store is some student doing a work-study or something, and even if they’re not, I don’t expect every single person to be on top of every feminist conversation. I just hope that, in light of the conversation about this snapsuit on Twitter right now, the NYU campus store will respond with the same consideration that Wrybaby did.


[Image via Wrybaby]

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