Rape Suspect Shows Up In Court With Burns After Victim Dies In House Fire

Robert Seman Jr. of Green Township, Ohio, showed up in Court on Monday after having been accused of sexually assaulting Corrine Gump, the ten year-old daughter of his girlfriend over a period of several years. The girl was not present, and neither were the grandparents she was staying with. Why? Because they died in a housefire the previous night.

What no one noticed at the time, was the fact that Seman was wearing heavy makeup to cover up burns on his body and face. However, by Wednesday the burns were so severe that he needed to be taken in for medical treatment.

Police have since started searching Seman’s home and questioning his girlfriend Lynn Schmidt–the mother of the girl, who still apparently lives with him despite having reported him to the police for having molested her kid. It was her parents who died in the fire as well.

Given the circumstances, prosecutors are scrambling to reconstruct the case and hope to be allowed to use statements given by Corrinne to social workers and nurses in court.

If this is what it definitely looks like, and this man burned down the house of his ten year-old rape victim and her grandparents in hopes of getting away with the crime? I hope he rots in jail forever. Shit.