Georgia Florist Won’t Do Gay Weddings, Totes Cool With Adulterers Though

CNN’s Gary Tuchman took a trip to Georgia to interview some florists about how they feel about providing flowers to same-sex weddings, and whether or not they would support something like Indiana’s unpopular Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Unsurprisingly, they all said they would support it, and explained all about how their religion prohibited them from doing this, and said they would refuse whether or not it was illegal to do so. Very charming people, all of them.

In one interview, Tuchman interviewed florist Melissa Jeffcoat, who explained that while she would be opposed to providing flowers to gay people, she would be totally fine with giving them to adulterers or people who did not honor their father and their mother.

Tuchman: … In the Ten Commandments, it says you can’t commit adultery…
Jeffcoat: Right.
Tuchman: It says you need to honor your father and mother.
Jeffcoat: Mhmm.
Tuchman: If someone didn’t honor their parents or committed adultery, would you serve them?
Jeffcoat: Yes.
Tuchman: Well, why would you serve them but not serve someone who is gay?
Jeffcoat: It’s just a different kind of sin to me and I just don’t believe in it.

OK. So let me get this straight. The Ten Commandments are like, the absolute most official rules in your religion, right? Like, God contacted a dude, personally, to tell him to carve that shit onto stone. Yet, you think violating those things is just not as bad as gay people getting married? I mean, if this was God’s absolute number one thing that he hated more than all the other things, wouldn’t that be on there? Wouldn’t there be a “Thou Shalt Not Provide Floral Arrangements For Gay Weddings” commandment? Did he just leave it out because he was a little forgetful that day? If so, how infallible can he possibly be? Isn’t infallibility his whole thing?

That sounds like some bullshit to me, Melissa Jeffcoat.

I’m sorry, but this isn’t your religion. This has nothing to do with your damned religion, at all, for any reason. This has to do with you, personally, having a problem with people being gay and using your religion to back you up on that so people don’t think you’re a jerk. “Oh! It’s not me! I’m nice! But God says no, so what can I do?” It’s like telling your friends your mom won’t let you go out on a Friday night because secretly you want to stay in and watch TGIF. If it were your religion, and you really, really believed that you could go to hell for providing commercial services to “sinners,” you wouldn’t service adulterers either! Or people who covet their neighbors cattle, for that matter.

Now, sure, this woman, and all the other people interviewed? They’re assholes. But for the love of god, can we all please not go after them in ways that make us look like assholes? No one needs to, even in jest, suggest that we go burn her dumb flower shop down. We do not need to give them any ammunition. We do not need a repeat of what happened with the Indiana pizza place bigots, where they get to say “Oh! The mean liberals are bullying us!” and then people send them $500,000. That did not turn out well. Mock them all day long, make jokes, point out their hypocrisy, but don’t go and threaten anyone, OK? It’s not a good look, and it hurts more than it helps.

[Friendly Atheist]