Down With Being “Chill,” Up With Being In Love


A photo from the Facebook page My Real Yoga Body, of blogger The Raw Xperience, is going viral. TRX, at his heaviest, was 669 pounds. He’s on a mission to lose 400 pounds, and he offered a photo of himself doing yoga. He said, “When I look at this my first reaction is of disgust. I didn’t see what my teacher saw. ‘Look at your top arm and leg. The openness at your chest and hips is beautiful!! How straight your are able to get, and how you are supporting yourself and balancing on one arm and leg.’ Years of hating myself won’t go away over night, but with the help of supportive friends I’ll get there.” Check out his story for some weekend feel-goods! [YouBeauty]


Civilian rape victims who accuse a member of the military often see their cases fall under the jurisdiction of military courts, which have systems in place to help members of the military who are victims of sexual assault – but those systems don’t apply to civilians. The differences in state and military courts, such as access to a plaintiff’s therapy records and a lower age of consent, often end up benefitting the accused service member. Read Brittany Bentz’s story to find out more. [NPR]


Brazzers shot a porno on a historic train in Essex, England, and whatever Essex parents pay a monthly subscription to Brazzers and happened upon (and presumably enjoyed) that porno are so mad about it. The train station – Epping Ongar – is the site of a yearly Easter egg hunt, which, presumably unbeknownst to the children who will actually participate in that Easter egg hunt because they’re presumably very young and presumably are not watching porn, has not been tainted by its usage for a porno. Or so the parents of Essex say. [Jezebel]


Alana Massey wrote a really, really, really good essay about how the imperative to be “chill” in relationships is killing the actual process of falling in love with someone, which is a decidedly un-chill thing to do. The side effects of “chill” involve “seeing where it goes,” “not labeling things,” and somehow not “being a thing,” which, as Massey points out, means that “we have reached a point where the best possible answer is to deny that the two of you even exist.” Down with “chill”! [Matter]

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