Will Ferrell And Kristen Wiig Are Starring In A Bonkers Lifetime Movie

I normally don’t fuck with Will Ferrell (epic “Drunk In Love” karaoke notwithstanding), because as funny as he is, no one can grate more. But this, I can get behind: Ferrell and Kristin Wiig will be starring in a new Lifetime movie, “A Deadly Adoption.”

As THR first reported, the campy thriller was already filmed and will be released this summer, as part of Lifetime’s 25th anniversary celebration of making made-for-TV movies that convince you that your husband will murder your babysitter if she looks like Alicia Silverstone. Wiig and Ferrell play a couple who take in a pregnant woman and want to adopt her baby, but things, as expected, go quickly off the rails.

The movie will premiere this summer, and while it definitely won’t be quite as insane as “Liz and Dick,” it’s Ferrell and Wiig doing their best serious murderous Lifetime over-acting. I can get behind that.