Ted Cruz: Not Letting Christians Discriminate Against Gays Is Like Force-Feeding Pork To Rabbis

Oh good! Ted Cruz is here to weigh in on the recent “controversy” over whether or not Christians should be allowed to discriminate against gay people. I put “controversy” in quotes, because let’s face it, it is 2015 and we really should not even be discussing whether or not people should be able to legally discriminate against other people or not, because that is stupid. We need to be moving onto other things now, like where the hell all of our hoverboards are.

Cruz — who would like to be our next President! — did, however, discuss the issue with the equally ridiculous Dana Loesch on on Tuesday, and he said some ridiculous and inane things, which should come as a surprise to no one.

Via RightWingWatch:

“Nobody in their right mind would force a Catholic priest to perform a Protestant wedding. Likewise, nobody in their right mind would force a Jewish rabbi to perform a Christian wedding or, for that matter, to violate kosher and go consume pork,” he said. “We have long had a tradition from the beginning of this country of respecting religious liberty and accommodating and respecting the good-faith religious views of our citizens.”

“And it is only the intolerance of the current day of the far-left that views with which they disagree — the far-left is such a radical proponent of gay marriage that anyone whose faith teaches to the contrary, anyone whose faith teaches that marriage is a sacrament of one man and one woman, a holy union before God, the far-left views that religious view as unacceptable and they’re trying to use the machinery of the law to crush those religious views. And I think it is wrong, I think it is intolerant, and I think it is entirely inconsistent with who we are as a people,” he added.

These are terrible analogies, OK? First of all, a Catholic priest’s entire job is to be a Catholic priest and to perform the functions of a Catholic priest. A pizza shop owners entire job is to be a pizza shop owner. A pizza shop, or a bakery or a flower shop is not a church. In a church, do what you want, marry who you want. When you’re in public, you have to deal with the public.

There is a difference between public and private–if there weren’t, there would be naked people all over the place, standing around picking their noses and taking dumps on your new shoes. There is a difference between church life and public life, which is why you rarely see anyone eating a large pepperoni pizza in the middle of mass.

As far as the second analogy goes? A rabbi, or anyone else for that matter, is not bothering anyone else by not eating pork! There is zero context in which eating bacon or not eating bacon really matters to anyone else. I don’t eat bacon, and the most trouble I’ve ever gotten for that is people saying “Oh, that’s weird that you don’t like bacon, Robyn. I thought everyone liked bacon!”

That is like trying to defend Lester Maddox and his white people only chicken restaurant by saying, “Trying to make Lester Maddox serve black people in his restaurant is just like making a vegetarian eat a hamburger!” It doesn’t make sense! In one instance, you are discriminating against people–in another, you are making a decision for yourself that affects no one but you.

Also, it is not “intolerant” to not let people discriminate against other people. That is not a thing! There is no such thing as the “tolerance paradox” because for everyone to tolerate everything, including discrimination, would be utterly impossible to pull off. For the record, no one is asking Ted Cruz or anyone else to like LGBT people, or anyone else for that matter. No one! We don’t care! No one is asking to be Ted Cruz’s best friend against his will! What people are asking is to not be discriminated against, and yes, that is a different thing entirely.