Wanna Watch Some Incredibly Creepy Children Sing About Scientology?

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And you thought the "musical chairs" story was bad...

We really don’t know what the hell to make of this video, filmed at some kind of Scientology convention in 2003, featuring a bunch of kids and teenagers singing and dancing about Scientology.

It starts out with what I think might actually be Isaac Hayes awkwardly saying “Force yourself to smile and you’ll soon start smiling. Force yourself to laugh and you’ll soon find something to laugh about! HAHAHAHA. Wax enthusiastic, and you’ll very soon feel so. A being causes his own feelings. The greatest joy in life is creating. SPLURGE ON IT. SPLURGE ON IT.”

It definitely took me a hot minute to understand that these people were saying “splurge on it.”

The first half of the video is comprised of two teenage girls explaining to a younger girl that the word “wax” has two different meanings. The second half, however, is a song and dance routine that you must see to believe. The whole song is pretty much comprised of those lyrics I just wrote above, so if you’ve never seen a group of children and teenagers in matching outfits robotically sing the words “A being causes his own feelings” before, here is your chance. SPLURGE ON IT.

[h/t James Fritz]