Uh-Oh: Study Finds Eyeliner Can Mess With Your Vision

It’s been said for years that misusing eye makeup can cause health problems, but most of us only see “misuse” as keeping our mascara past its expiration date. New research out of Cardiff University in Wales shows that wearing eye makeup in the first place can be an issue on its own! Study director Dr. Alison Ng found that applying eyeliner to our inner eyelid creates risk of eye contamination and vision trouble. Scientists also found that, like the stuff of my grandest paranoias come true, tiny particles from pencil liner make their way into the eye to wreak havoc. The study used video to observed the process of icky little eyeliner bits moving toward the tear film (the coating protecting our eyes). When liner was applied to the inner lid, 15 to 30 percent more particles arrived in the tear film, and did so more quickly than liner on other parts of the eye. Once the makeup is in the tear film, it can make life uncomfortable for people with dry eyes and build up on contact lenses. This can lead to vision problems, eye infections, and bacteria meshing in with the makeup. UGH. I’m already skeeved out enough about wearing contacts! Since makeup can collect bacteria, Dr. Ng suggests sharpening your pencil liner before every single application. If you use twist-up liner, she recommends cutting off a bit of the tip each time, and always removing your eye makeup before bed! [Science Daily] [Image via Shutterstock]