How Should We Best Exorcise The Frisky Staff Lounge?

Hi! Are you a living, breathing human with no connection to the undead, who isn’t currently being haunted by some sort of ghost? Lucky duck, we wish we could say the same. See, myself and the other NY-based Frisky staffers are pretty sure we’re all going to die — please help!

So, we have a very nice conference room/lounge here in the SpinMedia offices. It’s cute and adorable and what I would like my home to look like one day.

Frisky Office Demons Exorcism

There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, other than when people reserve it rightfully for work meetings when I have reserved it to Skype my therapist/try on outfits in front of the full-length mirror/swan dramatically on the couch before taking a nap. Except for the fact that it is haunted as fuck.

Here’s the story: every single day, at 10:27 AM on the dot, the TV in the lounge turns itself on and loudly displays snow. Every. Single. Day. EXCEPT THE WEEKENDS. Which means that A) it is not on some sort of self-timer, and B) we are all going to die. While the SpinMedia offices expand over two floors, the New York members of the Frisky writing staff — three pussies and Amelia — all sit right next to Death Lounge, and the onus always falls on us to turn the possessed TV off. It almost always takes two of us to work up the nerve to creep in there, hands clasped, jab the TV off and run away. The only thing to fear is not fear itself, it’s that before you die, you see the Ring.

We would like to not die. Can you help? Send us your best exorcism tips if you don’t want us to haunt you forever. Thanks, bye!

Frisky Lounge The Ring Exorcism