Hair Dos: 4 Ways To Change Up Your Hair This Spring

Spring is thinking about springing, and with the change of the seasons comes the ineffable desire to change things up. Throw away your sweaters, burn that one pair of jeans, shred all your wool socks and push your boots to the back of your closet, because it’s almost April dammit, and you’re going to wear the hell out of those weird transitional shirts you purchased. But if it still looks like it’s going to snow (ugh) outside, and you find yourself shivering in your office, it’s way easier to change something that doesn’t mean wearing a sundress when everyone else is still in boots.

Consider your hair, grown long out of necessity, as an extra layer of warmth, perhaps, but really just sort of laying there. Embrace the change in seasons and the fact that it’s still light at 7 p.m., and change it up. Here are some ideas.

Pastel Hair


The teens these days love them some cotton candy, Easter egg pastel hair, but I happen to think that it looks chill on anyone, from your 14-year-old cousin all the way up to you, however old you might be. Like almost everything on this list, the key to making this look dope is to drop the hundreds of dollars it costs to achieve and maintain this color without frying the shit out of your hair. If your hair is naturally dark, and you want to go full-on ice princess, then please go to a colorist to at least have them professionally lift the color out of your hair rather than bleaching it yourself. If you already have super light hair already, try this DIY method with conditioner, Manic Panic and some stuff you can get at a beauty supply store. Report back.

“Air-Dried” Hair; Normcore Hair


On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s been a deliberate movement away from hair that looks purposeful and “done.” Instead of walking out of the house with the same barrel-curled beach waves that every girl has mastered since the early 2010s, the push is to just relax and let your hair do its thing. So, if you don’t have the money or the time to get your hair colored and you’re too nervous to do a drastic chop, know that what you do to your hair on the weekends is now fashionably acceptable. Let it air dry. Throw your brush away. Make it look intentionally unintentional, like the tissue-thin James Perse tees you covet or the simple, embellishment free Mansur Gavriel bucket bag that whisper-shouts, “I cost $495, but you probably wouldn’t know it from looking at me.”

Baby Bob


Long hair is awesome, but with spring comes summer on its heels, and the tyranny of having a shitload of hair that sticks to your neck and blows in your face sucks. So, be brave, be bold and cut that shit off. Go as short as you want, because hey, live your life! If you want to commit to a year of steady haircuts and an intimate familiarity with headbands, get a pixie cut. If you want to feel the cool breeze on your neck while also having the ability to pull at least some of your hair off your face, consider the baby bob which looks fresh in your natural hair color, but somehow cooler in platinum. This is hair that goes best with dark sunglasses and a capital-L Lip. Get into it.



This unfortunate portmanteau of blonde and brown is embarrassing to ask for at a hair salon, so just take a photo of Chrissy Teigen at the 2015 Golden Globes to your hair stylist and ask for that. “Bronde” is awesome, because it’s like the ultimate neutral. It’s the camel-colored sweater of hair, and it always looks expensive. It’s also a great way to change up your ‘do without doing a ton of damage — you won’t have to go completely blonde if you have dark hair, and if your hair already has a light brown base, you just have to add some highlights/lowlights/splashes of fun, and VOILA! you have new, awesome, rich girl hair. Also, this looks killer with a tan, so plan accordingly.