April Fools’ Day Is Still Upon Us, So The Bold Italics’ Naked Office Must Be A Joke — Right?

This horrible day of half-baked tricks and low-key treachery is nearly done, but not before the sneaky quirksters at The Bold Italic pulled what I hope is the most well-executed April Fools’ I’ve seen today: a feature-length work of stunt journalism in which the entire staff purportedly worked in the nude for a month.

Upon closer examination of these photos, the people do look like they’re actually working, leading me to believe that yes, maybe they did this for a day or two, for the pictures, cackling with glee about pulling a fast one on all of us. But there’s something so awful about this that it seems the tiniest bit real.

San Francisco is a town where public nudity is seemingly welcome. In the four years that I lived there, I saw untold amounts of unsolicited IRL dick. Every weekend was a street fair or a theme party or a giant half marathon that encouraged day drinking and unfortunate acts of public nudity. It’s weird at first, but you just get used to it, and eventually learn where to look when a man wearing a fanny pack, New Balance sneakers and a cock ring is asking you for a light during Bay To Breakers. It’s a special place. But even though I know that this Bold Italic stunt could be a real thing, I desperately want it to be a joke.

Nudity is awesome, and nudists are great [Hi Jovan!], but there’s something not quite right about sitting at your desk writing emails in the nude. If this is a joke, you win, Bold Italic. You got me! Now, for Christ’s sake, get dressed. No one wants — or needs — to see dick at work.

[The Bold Italic]