Watch Tracy Emin Recreate Her Past In Tate’s Exhibition Of “My Bed”


IKEA’s charitable branch, the IKEA Foundation, has teamed up with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to design and provide the UNHCR with 10,000 “Better Shelter” flat-pack refugee shelters. They’ve been tested by families in Iraq and Ethiopia, who gave the designers feedback on redesigns. Most refugee shelters last only six months; the Better Shelter is built to last for three years, and it includes ventilation, windows, and a door that locks — previously not a feature of refugee tents. Shaun Scales of the UNHCR calls the Better Shelter “an exciting new development in humanitarian shelter” and “a much needed addition to the palette of sheltering options.” [PSFK]


France is scrapping a piece of legislation that would have shifted the burden of criminality from sex workers to clients. Although prostitution is legal in France, public solicitation is not, and a bill introduced in 2013 proposed to fine clients €1,500 instead of sex workers has been rejected by the senate. In a tremendously condescending statement, conservative senator Joelle Garriaud-Maylam says of the rejection, “To help these women, you first of all have to find them.” Ugh. [BBC]


Watch a process video of Tracy Emin painstakingly recreating the scene of her post-breakup in the Tate exhibition of her 1998 artwork My Bed. The piece is her actual bed, in which she stayed for weeks following a bad breakup, and various actual artifacts — cigarette butts, vodka and orangina bottles, a belt, lube, condoms, etc. — arranged meticulously around it to create an analog of the scene as it was in her apartment. Watching Emin construct the carefully-preserved artwork is like watching her touch time and it is stupidly beautiful. [It’s Nice That]

[Video via Tate]