Trevor Noah Reminds Us Why You Should Delete Your Old, Crappy, Offensive Tweets Before Hyping Your New Hot-Shit Job

Yesterday, “The Daily Show” announced its next host: dimpled South African-born comic Trevor Noah. But by nightfall, the excitement and curiosity surrounding Noah’s hiring was overshadowed by an inevitable backlash, as a handful of Noah’s old tweets began recirculating on Twitter, demonstrating that the 31-year-old’s comedy has not always been particularly clever or funny. In short, just a few years ago, Trevor Noah was tweeting some mean-spirited fat girl jokes, a few ill-advised jabs at Jews, and a handful of eyeroll-worthy dick jokes.


Personally, while I find the jokes about weight to be disappointing and shitty, I’m not gonna act like you couldn’t dig up similarly ill-advised and unfunny tweets in my own timeline’s history. We all fuck up, we all make dumb jokes. I would hope that Trevor Noah’s comedy has developed into something far more intelligent and witty over the last few years, though I’m not going to begrudge him the occasional penis pun in the future. I’ll hold off on judging his chops as “The Daily Show”‘s host until after he’s, you know, started hosting. But what this mini-scandal demonstrates, for probably the bazillionth time, is that people on the brink of stardom and major media attention should realllllllly consider doing a thorough scrubbing of their social media history if they don’t want it to come back to haunt them. The internet never really forgets, but you can at least do your best not to remind them that you were once kind of a hack too. [Gawker]