Mike Pence Says Bill Will Not Allow Discrimination Against Gays, Just Women

With the entire country voicing their disdain for Indiana’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” performers like Nick Offerman canceling shows, states like Connecticut and Washington vowing to not use state money to send people there, and even NASCAR and the Mormon-owned Marriott Hotels speaking out against it … Governor Mike Pence is officially backtracking and says the Indiana government will revise the bill this week to be less discriminate-y, sort of.

The new version of the bill will specify that it will not apply to businesses wishing to discriminate in areas in Indiana where this is against the law. Of course, it’s not illegal everywhere, so there will still be some discrimination.

Pence claims that evil liberals have mischaracterized this law as a means to achieve their own ends of making him look like a jerk or something, and that it was never about discriminating against gays to begin with. What it was about, he says, was protecting the religious freedoms of people who were nervous about not having their religious freedoms protected after Hobby Lobby v. Burwell. Which, it should be noted, they actually won. I should know, because I am still real fucking pissed about that.

However, Pence maintains that the real point of the act is to absolutely enshrine the right of employers to bar female employees from using their own insurance to buy their whore pills.

Last year the Supreme Court upheld religious liberty in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, based on the federal RFRA. With the Supreme Court’s ruling, the need for a RFRA at the state level became more important, as the federal law does not apply to states. To ensure that religious liberty is fully protected under Indiana law, this year the General Assembly enshrined these principles in Indiana law. I fully supported that action.

When I told my very charming server this at lunch today, he responded, “Well, that makes sense, you all are a much easier target. At least some of us are white guys.” Touché, friend, touché.

Personally, I still do not see why an employer should be able to tell an employee how to use their own compensation, regardless of what their special religious beliefs are. I don’t think Jehovah’s Witnesses should be allowed to prohibit people from using their insurance to procure blood transfusions either, though I will say that a part of me wishes that one of them would try to pull that. Just because I really would love to see how that whole schtick would fly if it began to inconvenience cisgender men.

So there you have it. Mike Pence does not want to be known as a man who would encourage discriminating against gay people in places where that is already illegal. He just wants to be known as a man who will make sure that sluts have to pay full price for their whore pills. Controversy settled!
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