Micro Pig Cafes Are All I Need In This World

In internet years, cat cafes are already past their prime, and a path has been carved for some new critter-focused coffee establishment to take the limelight. Enter London’s new micro pig cafe! For just one long weekend in May, a pop-up pig cafe called the Pignic (see what they did there?) will provide guests with the changes to make friends with the pocket piggies. Those cute pig babies are a popular hipster pet, but they soon grow to be the size of dogs, prompting many ill-prepared owners to abandon them. The event was launched with the help of animal welfare groups to prevent more pigs from becoming homeless, and aims to inform potential adopters about what life with a pet micro piglet would be like. The Pignic is open only to those who buy a ticket and is filling up fast. Cross fingers for a more permanent micro pig cafe in the future! In the meantime, please enjoy an extremely fit group of micro pigs exercising: