April Fools’ Day Jokes Before April Fools’ Day Are Not Okay

April Fools’ Day is, for many people, a day of fun and games and lighthearted “pranks” intended to elicit a giggle, or some sort of a reaction from their unsuspecting victims. Lots of people enjoy these pranks, spending hours of the day leading up to the first of April constructing elaborate tricks to get their unwitting friends, family and lovers. For those of you who enjoy switching the sugar with the salt and saran-wrapping toilet seats, or rearranging everything in someone’s room so it’s just the slightest bit off, then this video and its accompanying press release will fill your heart with joy. For the rest of us, living in fear of the tyranny of pranks on April 1st, this will make you angry.

This video accompanied a press release, from an actual PR company, promoting something called The Selfie Shoe. As any seasoned veteran of April Fools’ Day can tell, this is clearly a joke. Miz Mooz is a shoe company that makes the kind of footwear for the modern manic pixie dream girl, mostly whimsically colored , round-toed, clunky heels. And, this year, they decided to punk us all with the Selfie Shoe.

The Selfie Shoe is clearly a joke, not well-executed, but enough to elicit an eye roll. And, it’s  joke that came a day too early. If you’re keeping score at home, today is March 31st. It is a full day before the actual hell of April Fools’ Day. And, worst of all, this joke isn’t even that good. We live in a world where selfie sticks are real and if you really want, you can watch someone sleep, dance or eat a bagel, and tip them afterwards. Technology is weird. If there actually were a selfie shoe, that somehow allowed you to take pictures with your foot, I’d just marvel at the dubious innovations the world is coming up with, and move on with my day.

But as an April Fools’ Day joke, poorly executed and a FULL DAY EARLY, this is just stupid. I live in fear of April Fools’ every day beause I’m kind of gullible and hate surprises, but you’re ruining it for your prime targets if you start rolling this shit out early. Brands, do better. Or don’t do at all.