Worst Motel Owner Ever Tells Employee To Talk To A Reporter, Then Fires Her For Doing Exactly That

Last month, the Washington Post wrote a story about the debate over raising the minimum wage in America, focusing specifically on how, despite bold headlines on both sides of the cause, for the average worker the relief would be welcome, but it wouldn’t be life-changing. One such employee was Shanna Tippen, a Days Inn employee, who was told by her boss Herry Patel to speak to the Post reporter. A month later, she was fired by Patel for doing exactly that.

As the Post ran in a follow-up today, Tippen was fired by Patel for speaking to reporter Chico Harlan, despite the fact that she had said nothing disparaging about her boss. In the original article, she had simply claimed that while the wage increase of a quarter would help in some ways, the increases wouldn’t stretch as far as politicians bemoaning the death of small business think. Tippen also only spoke to Harlan after the reporter had originally approached Patel for the story, and he told Harlan to speak with Tippen, an hourly employee.

In addition to firing Tippen, Patel also threatened to sue Harlan, before declining any further requests for comments. Damn dude. Stop snitching. [Washington Post]