Pope Francis Gives Homeless Catholics A Private Tour Of The Sistine Chapel


Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is campaigning for the Labour Party in Scotland on a social justice platform. He pledged in Glasgow East that the Labour Party would spend £800 million on the National Health Service, funding for poor students, and youth employment. Says Brown: “The questions that people ask me are about housing, health, education and employment. Once we start talking about the real issues people will find that the SNP measures are deficient, that they can’t end austerity with their measures, or they can’t deal with the poverty that they keep talking about.” [The Guardian]


A new study from the Public Religion Research Institute has some very interesting information about millennials’ attitudes toward sex. A sampling: White male millennials are the least likely to believe that sexual assault is “very common” on college campuses; a majority of White millennials believe the country is headed in the wrong direction while a majority of Black millennials believe the country is headed in the right direction; and even though 47 percent of millennials believe that trans* individuals face significant social stigmas, around 40 percent of all millennials believe that teenage sex, gay sex, and casual sex is always wrong regardless of the situation. Zuh? [Jezebel]


VICE has decided that the time is nigh to examine the questions surrounding sex in space, and so has launched a three-part series. Some of the questions they attempt to answer in the first installment: Is sex more or less fun in microgravity? What happens to sweat in microgravity? What happens to boobs in microgravity? What is the “optimal method” keep a couple together in space while they’re boning? What kind of spacesuit would you have to wear to bone? What happens if you don’t masturbate in space? What’s the most romantic place in the ISS? And so on. [VICE]


The Sistine Chapel was closed 90 minutes early last Thursday so that a group of homeless men and women could get a private tour. As a bonus, Pope Francis dropped in for a surprised visit, told the homeless individuals that they were always welcome, and asked them to pray for him. This is the most recent in a string of initiatives the Pope has started for the poor. [ArtNet]

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