Nashville Is Using Sterilization As A Bargaining Tool In Plea Deals For The Most Vulnerable

Nashville prosecutors are returning to the dark ages when it was common to use sterilization as a bargaining tool for plea deals for society’s most vulnerable: minorities, the poor and the mentally ill. The most recent case in Nashville is one of four that has occurred over the last five years, and involves a mentally ill woman whose infant died as the result of her neglect. According to a new AP report:

In the most recent case, first reported by The Tennessean, a woman with a 20-year history of mental illness had been charged with neglect after her 5-day-old baby died mysteriously. Her defense attorney says the prosecutor assigned to the case wouldn’t go forward with a plea deal to keep the woman out of prison unless she had the surgery.

This is an egregious violation of a woman’s body, and a Handmaid’s Tale/1984-esque dystopian tactic for prosecutors to take. Luckily, the district attorney of Davidson County in Nashville agrees that no one, least of all the government, should be forcing the sterilization of human beings and will end this practice in his district, hopefully setting an example for the rest of the nation. [AP]