Indiana May Have Accidentally Legalized Pot With Anti-LGBT Bill

As you may have heard, the state of Indiana recently passed the incredibly gross Religious Freedom Restoration Act, meant to allow Christian business owners to legally discriminate against gay people. However, it turns out that this law may have some hilariously unintended consequences that may deeply upset those who advocated for it in the first place.

One of those side-effects? Well, as attorney Abdul Hakim-Shabazz points out on Indypolitics, it may legalize marijuana–at least for those who say it is part of their religion. Which is actually true for several religions. However, if you don’t belong to any of those, live in Indiana and like to smoke pot you can always join the First Church of Cannabis! The Church was rather conveniently established this past Friday after the RFRA was passed.

THE FIRST CHURCH OF CANNABIS INC. – Status: Approved by Secretary of State of Indiana – “Congratulations your…

Posted by The First Church of Cannabis on Friday, March 27, 2015


Now, personally, I am not thinking of this as a way for pot-smokers to get legalization on the backs of LGBT people, but as a way to make the law as unappealing to those supporting it as possible. I happen to be a big fan of the “What’s Good For The Goose” tactic, and briefly considered moving to Indiana just to set up a shop, right after I invent a religion that prohibits me from selling things to bigots.

The thing is, when these people that push these “religious freedom” bills requesting that they be allowed to break the law in the name of their religion, they only mean it to apply to themselves. They want to have the Ten Commandments posted outside of court houses, they want to be able to discriminate against gay people, they want to keep women from getting birth control with their own insurance. They aren’t thinking that these laws are going to apply to other religions that either exist now or could hypothetically just be created for the purpose of law breaking or ball busting.

Although, they’re certainly not advocating for other variants of Christianity to be allowed to break the law either. I have yet to see any of them advocating to allow members of Mormon sects that believe in polygamy to be legally married to more than one person.  Personally, as long as none of those people aren’t children, that doesn’t bother me half as much as wanting to legally discriminate against people. At least the only people polygamists are bothering are themselves.

Personally, even though I haven’t really smoked pot too much since high school, I think marijuana should be legal everywhere anyway–but I’m gonna guess these people don’t. And I do believe that the only way we’re going to keep them from trying to push these laws is by doing unto them what they think is perfectly fine to do unto others.