Ari Shaffir Spews Hate At Fellow Comic Damienne Merlina — But She Gets The Last Word

Time for the quarterly controversy in the comedy world! This time, it is at the hands of mediocre comedy bro Ari Shaffir, who out of nowhere decided to deride a one-armed woman from Los Angeles whom he has barely ever even had interaction with. During a stand-up set that recently aired on Comedy Central, Shaffir called comedienne Damienne Merlina an “asshole” and then proceeded to fat shame her as well as make fun of her for having one arm. This was the entirety of Shaffir’s joke, as he offered no additional context that might — might, but not likely — have made his “joke” actually humorous. No punchline, no nothing, just pure drivel and cruelty. But Damienne’s response is pure badass. Watch above! [Unicorn Booty]