Apparently This Is How Taylor Swift Expresses Surprise

Last night at the iHeartRadio awards, America’s resident “nice” girl Taylor Swift won an award for “Best Lyrics.” Impish jokester Justin Timberlake stood up and pretended that he won the award, eliciting what appears to be a complete loss of control over the muscles that control Taylor’s face. Good lord.

She’s won about 10 jillion award in the past, so this win — at a show that was clearly just an excuse for Rihanna to perform her new single — feels like a bizarre and frankly terrifying overreaction, on par with her “Who, me? Little ol’ me from Tennessee by way of Pennsylvania?!” surprised face at literally every accolade she has received.

Taylor, please. Sit down for a sec. Stop trying so hard! Your music is begrudgingly catchy at times, and when I am assaulted by “Blank Space” at the grocery store, I find myself humming along only as I touch all the ginger. Not everything is a performance. Bask in the glow of your success, but stop your shtick, because you are rapidly becoming more of a nightmare than a daydream. [h/t Elle]