5 Things To Know About Trevor Noah, The New Host Of “The Daily Show”

Meet Trevor Noah, your newly-announced host of “The Daily Show.” He’s a wickedly funny comedian with a lot of experience and a very-necessary and refreshing take on race. If you’re a comedy nerd, you probably know who this man is. If you’re not, here’s what you need to know.

1. He was born into apartheid in South Africa.

Born to a black South African mother and a white European father in 1984, the first 10 years of Noah’s life were spent living under apartheid. This provided fodder for his comedy, but was also a strange way to grow up.  In an interview with the Birmingham Post, he said“When we went out as a family, Dad had to walk on the other side of the road. Inter-racial relationships didn’t become legal until 1994.”

2. He speaks six languages.

Noah speaks English, German and four other South African languages including his mother’s native Xhosa. Here’s a clip pf him showing off his language skills on the BBC. Hot.

3. He had an impressive career in South Africa before coming to the U.S.

He’s hosted two seasons of his own talk show, “Tonight With Trevor Noah,” and has a handful of well-received comedy shows, including “That’s Racist,” which debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2012. If you want to get an idea of what brilliance he’ll bring to the table once he takes a seat behind the desk at the Daily Show, his stand-up show, “African-American.” is available on Netflix.

4. He’s a fairly recent addition to “The Daily Show.”

Noah joined “The Daily Show” as a contributor in December 2014, appearing in just three segments. Here’s his first appearance, in a segment called “Spot The Africa.” For the uninitiated, this is your first taste of his sly wit, his social commentary, and also, that dimple.

5. His standup is a brilliant, beautiful commentary on race. 

Here’s a bit from a show he did at the Apollo Theatre, in London. Note how effortlessly he pulls off a black Hitler joke.