What To Watch Tonight: HBO Documentary “Going Clear”

If you’re anything like me, you are completely obsessed with any show, movie or documentary about creepy cults and religions. If you are in a cult right now, I’m so sorry, but you probably aren’t reading this anyway because the internet is mostly likely considered a tool of the devil and you’re spinning wool in a shed.

Anyway, I just finished catching up on scary as hell “The Jinx” just in time to get ready for a brand new creepy as hell documentary about Scientology called “Going Clear” by Alex Gubney, based on the fantastic book by Lawrence Wright. What’s exciting about both of these documentaries is that they are unfinished, unresolved narratives that are still living and breathing in the real world. No cold case true crime with a done and dusted conclusion that allows us some distance. The Church of Scientology is fighting back against “Going Clear,” as they do when anyone dares to criticize them or, you know, provide actual facts on their goings-on, and came out with this rebuttal after it premiered at Sundance.

Have your Seamless fingers well-oiled and your DVRs set. Tonight is going to be fun! “Going Clear” airs on HBO at 8 p.m.