Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Listen To Kendrick Lamar, Watch “Bloodline” & Work Labyrinths Into Your Life


  • Occasionally, I wonder how people my parents age buy weed, and now, this endearing if slightly tone-deaf piece on where baby boomers score their smoke sort of answers the question. — Megan
  • I know I’m super late to the game on this one, but someone raved to me yesterday about Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects so I’m about to start reading it. I’m told it’s even darker than “Gone Girl,” so I’m excited. — Claire
  • Fraternities are the fucking worst, and good ol’ boy networks that allow thick-necked assholes to sing racist chants in 2015 need to be banned, forever. That’s why Tracy Clayton’s account of her time at a white-as-the-driven-snow Southern university is so important to read. — Megan
  • I’m reading Labyrinths by Jorge Luis Borges because I’ve gotten a bee in my bonnet about labyrinths ever since I read a Neil Gaiman story called “A Lunar Labyrinth.” – Rebecca


  • I bet you thought I couldn’t work this theme into music, too, but it turns out that Sting has an album of John Dowland songs called Songs from the Labyrinth. I heard him sing a sea shanty at a reading once, and boy howdy, Sting singing classical and folk music is beautiful, so I will be giving this a listen. – Rebecca
  • We are too #blessed. First, we’re still listening to the new Kendrick Lamar record (read Clover Hope’s review), then Tinashe brought us a mixtape which is the perfect companion to her debut album, and then Twin Shadow’s Eclipse showed up, all dramatic and emo and my goodness. Listen to it all. – Megan


  • I went to see “Still Alice” this week, a film about a woman diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease at a young age, and the struggles it creates for her whole family. Julianne Moore won her Oscar for her role in this, and damn did she deserve it. It’s depressing as fuck, especially if you’ve known anyone in your own life who’s suffered from the disease, but it’s such a beautiful movie and absolutely worth the watch if you come prepared with tissues. Watching Alice’s memories slip away from her reminded me just how grateful I am that at least in this moment, I still have my own. — Claire
  • While I’m on a tear with this theme, and while I’m (always) obsessing over David Bowie, why not dust off “Labyrinth”? – Rebecca
  • From the fine people that brought you “Damages”, here is “Bloodline”, a brooding, humid gem of a show, starring Kyle Chandler and some other people you like, set in the Florida Keys. It’s all on Netflix, so if you want something new to freak out about, immerse yourself in the family drama, the beautiful setting, and the nefarious doings of the weirdos that are Keys lifers. – Megan


  • I am one of those overly nostalgic people who wants her photos up EVERYWHERE, so I kind of want to make these photo candles, even though I’ll never have the heart to burn them! – Claire
  • Rebecca’s talk about all those bees in bonnets has me thinking about bees myself, and AS IT SO HAPPENS, this weekend I visited my uncle who is an avid pro beekeeper. He gave me a little bee lesson and showed me how he collects honey (is my train of thought from labyrinths to honey making any sense here?), SO, in honor of bees and bonnets and honey and what have you, make yourself one of these delicious honey recipes with the freshest honey you can get your hands on! – Claire
  • Related to the bee in my bonnet and the book I’m reading, I’m going to practice drawing labyrinths. The cool thing about labyrinths is that instead of having an entrance and an exit, the way mazes do, a labyrinth leads you to its center and then back out. It’s supposed to be a meditative, self-reflective experience rather than a puzzle. – Rebecca
  • Also, it turns out that there are many labyrinths in Illinois that are open to the public. If you want to walk a labyrinth, you can find one near you here. – Rebecca