This Tumblr Celebrates Teenage Bedrooms On Screen

Do you remember your teenage bedroom? I do. It was the jam. First of all, the stucco walls were painted what my mother considered a “hideous” shade of pinkish-coral, but I thought it was perfect. My walls were plastered with rock posters (Pearl Jam, obvi) and snapshots of me and my besties, the bottom drawer of my dresser is where I stored my collection of teen magazines, and my bookshelf housed my collection of V.C. Andrews novels, as well as a tin containing the cremated remains of my cat. The best part about my bedroom was actually the walk-in closet, which was essentially another room and the only spot in the house where my FM radio could tune in to the Los Angeles station that played “Loveline.” I spent many, many hours inside that little closet, listening to the radio, talking on the phone, writing on my computer diary (I used the Symbol font, as if that would actually protect my privacy) and making friendship bracelets. It was my sanctuary, just as every teenager’s bedroom is a sanctuary for the hormones that live inside it. The Tumblr Teenage Bedrooms On Screen celebrates this essential space with their visual compendium of screenshots from TV, movies and music videos. Click through the gallery above to see a few of my faves and check out the rest at the link! [Teenage Bedrooms On Screen via]