Etsy Spotlight: 13 Delicate & Cheeky Gold Necklaces

I’m not a huge style rule follower, but one thing I always adhere to is that if I’m wearing big earrings, I can also wear bracelets, but a necklace would be too much going on. I’ve been on a big chunky gold hoop kick lately, so I haven’t been wearing many necklaces, but I’m planning on mixing up my jewelry look come spring. I’ll still break out the doorknockers on occasion, but I want to make my decolletage the focus by wearing a few layered delicate gold necklaces all at once. But I’m still me and I like my jewelry to have some element of whimsy or tackiness or edge, so I turned to Etsy for my search. Here are 13 necklaces that fit the bill. (Actually, there were 14, but I’m keeping the locket with the marijuana leaf on it for myself, sorrrrrrry.)