Horror Show Restaurant Owner Kept His Chef Enslaved For Three Years

File this under worst story this side of the Ganges: a Indian restaurant owner in Los Angeles was arrested yesterday for keeping his chef enslaved for three years, and forcing him to work 12-14 hour days without pay.

Pardeep Kumar, who owns the standalone Tandoori Grill in Valencia (not to be confused with the many other Tandoori Grills across Los Angeles and other cities in America — they’re not all a chain), had brought his 55-year old chef, who remains unnamed by the police, to America three years ago from his home in Mumbai. Upon bringing him to the states, Kumar seized his passport, beat the man with a mop, and kept him enslaved in his home for three years, where he had no contact with the outside world, and forced him to work obscenely long hours sans pay. The chef received help after a coworker at the Tandoori Grill got in touch with the chef’s brother in Mumbai, who sent an email to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Kumar is being held on $100,000 bail and charged with allegations of human trafficking and holding a person in involuntary servitude. [LA Times]