Google’s New CFO Ruth Porat Is Getting PAID


Google snatched Morgan Stanley exec Ruth Porat to be their new CFO, and holy crap is she getting paid. Her yearly salary is $650,000, but she’ll get a $5 million signing bonus after a year with Google, a $25 million stock grant that she’ll receive incrementally over two years, plus a $40 million stock grant every other year over four years — so basically, if she stays at Google for two years, she’ll receive $71,300,000. WAY TO GET PAID, RUTH. [CNN]


A close look at the Chicago Police Department’s sex crimes unit shows that although the rate of reported sexual assaults are falling, the number has basically evened out over the past ten years, and more importantly, there’s so little follow-through on what assaults are reported that it hardly matters. And, in fact, there technically is no sex crimes unit anymore — it was dissolved in 2013. The outlook is bleak for the CPD; one of the very few bright spots is that they are starting to test more of their backlogged rape kits. [CBS]


UK porn company Bondara is making a “Game of Thrones” porn parody called (of course) “Game of Bones,” and for it they’ve remade the Iron Throne with dildos. Also, you can win the Iron Dildo Throne in a contest. I’ll wait here while you put in your entry. [Flavorwire]


Here’s a review of four lady-friendly, feminist video games: PunchDrunk’s Regicide, an 8-bit with a heroine; the new Lara Croft, in which the title character has a personality and intellect and dresses appropriately for her adventures; zombie game The Last of Us, which casts a savvy teenage girl as its protagonist; and Gone Home, a mystery game with both a heroine and a riot grrl soundtrack. [Bitch]

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