Crossfit Couple Does Crossfit Engagement Photo Shoot, Internet Loves It, Writer Pukes

Here’s a story that takes two things I hate and mashes them together: Crossfit and wacky engagement photos! Joe Marttila and Ili Buenrosto, two Crossfit enthusiasts from Florida, decided to do their engagement photos at the gym. Their photographer, Cricket Whitman (HIS FUCKING NAME IS CRICKET) said that they weren’t trying to show off what they can do, that it was rather “really about them as a couple.” Shut up, Cricket. Of course it’s about showing off what they can do. There is almost no other reason to do Crossfit than to say “look what I can do.” Or, rather, “look what I’m willing to subject myself to doing.” To then combine that attitude of Crossfit with engagement photos is downright gloating.

I’m sure they’re a very nice and obviously very strong couple, but honestly, wacky engagement photos must be passé by now, right? I don’t know. I’m bored with them. It seems like another really good way to waste money on your wedding unnecessarily. Of course, if you’ve ever looked at Crossfit gym membership fees, you’d know that people who do Crossfit are definitely willing to spend a lot of money unnecessarily.

I hope Uncle Rhabdo isn’t invited to the wedding; I hear he’s a pain in the ass. Literally! Ba-dum-PAH! No, just kidding, rhabdomyolysis is actually deathly serious and a real problem in the Crossfit community.

Well, I’ve run out of things to say about this, other than: Internet, let’s please, please, please, please, please stop encouraging engaged and newly-married couples to do kitschy photo shoots by republishing their photos and feeding our souls on the clicks. (Whoops, I just did that. My bad.) Thanks forever, love Rebecca.

[h/t Jezebel]


[Image via Buzzfeed/Cricket Whitman]

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