Broadway Legend Audra McDonald Throws Down On Indiana’s Anti-LGBT Bullshit

The always glorious Audra McDonald had some words yesterday for Indiana Governor Mike Pence, who had just signed a bill that would allow businesses to discriminate against LGBT citizens. You know, because there are grown ass adults out there whose biggest problem is having to share their cookies with people they don’t like.

McDonald aptly compared the recent legislation to Jim Crow laws that allowed businesses to only serve white people, and tweeted directly at the Governor to tell him that she was reconsidering playing the shows she has lined up in the state, as several of her band members are gay. The six-time Tony Award winner then decided it would be better to go ahead and play them, but to donate all proceeds to groups fighting the law.


It should be noted that the law is not exactly popular in Indiana. However, it’s an open secret that Gov. Pence is considering a presidential run, and is likely hoping to use this legislation as evidence that he is tough on gays.