Woman Sets Fire To Yoga Studio, Can’t Stop Grinning About It


EDM artist Robyn is going to host a tech festival called Tekla to promote women’s involvement in STEM fields. It’ll be held at Stockholm’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and in addition to workshops on EDM, programming, gaming, and robotics, Tekla will feature a performance from Robyn (of course). Robyn says: “I thought of KTH’s motto, ‘science and art’, and wanted to do something to inspire girls who are curious about technology, while at the same time highlighting that too few women are applying to KTH programs.” [Thump]


After Black Long Island banking professional Kamilah Brock’s car was impounded following a traffic stop for marijuana usage that turned up no marijuana in the car, she insisted to the police that she was being treated unfairly, so they arrested her, forced her into involuntary psychiatric treatment, and was drugged in the hospital. Harlem Hospital employees didn’t believe that she was the successful professional she claimed to be and is — she told them about her job and that Barack Obama follows her on Twitter — so she was submitted to treatment as an “emotionally disturbed person.” Part of her treatment plan read: “Objective: Patient will verbalize the importance of education for employment and will state that Obama is not following her on Twitter.” The hospital is charging her over $13,000 for this “treatment.” [New York Daily News]


Lilit Marcus enumerates the many reasons that couples tend not to use female condoms, partially that they’re hard to find, but more notably because they involve a more intimate physical relationship with vaginas; and all the reasons we should, like that they’re effective, and more notably that they put women in control of our sexual experiences. [YouBeauty]


A woman set fire to a yoga studio and is as ecstatic about it as her mugshot makes her seem. She claims that two male employees of the studio had been harassing her for years, so to make it stop, she snuck into the studio after making sure that everyone had left and set it on fire. She says she wanted to “just destroy it, get rid of the devil’s temple,” but the studio only closed briefly and business was back to usual later in the week (no one was hurt, and none of the surrounding businesses were damaged). Still: Hero. [Gawker]

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