Teach Kids Their Feminist ABCs With The Help Of These Rad American Women

I don’t have kids (yet!) but that pesky little details isn’t going to stop me from buying this, well, rad children’s book, Rad American Women A-Z written by Kate Schatz and illustrated by Miriam Klein Stahl, ASAP. Published by City Lights Press, the book aims to teach kids their ABCs while also getting them up to speed on some of America’s greatest female heroes. I’m especially psyched to see how diverse and perhaps a bit unexpected their choices were for each letter, giving some perhaps lesser known but totally badass women in a variety of fields their due. As Schatz put it in the book’s press release, “I wanted to focus on the stories that aren’t always part of the standard telling of women’s history. With all respect to Susan B. and Rosa and Helen and Gloria, I want to try to introduce readers to women they aren’t likely to have heard of.” Women of color are widely represented — Angela Davis, Odetta, Yuri Kochiyama — as are differently abled women, like Temple Grandin, and trans women, like Kate Bornstein. Stahl’s illustrations are instantly recognizable, and I can only hope that poster-sized prints might be made available at some point. I’ve got just the spot for Patti … or Isadora … or Dolores … on my wall. [Rad American Women via GOOD]